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50' Coiled Hose w/ Nozzle

50' Coiled Hose w/ Nozzle


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Far more than just a hose, this package offers everything you need to keep your garden from ever getting thirsty. The 50' coiled EVA hose kit includes 2 plastic quick connectors, one tap adaptor, and one 4-setting spray nozzle, allowing you to customize the water flow from a fine mist to a drench.

This hose was created to coil, not kink. You'll find it easy to unfurl and super simple to put right back into its plastic clamshell packaging or wherever you store your supplies. Don't waste time trying to detangle your hose length, especially when your plants are waiting for a drink. Only the Hydrofarm coiled hose gives you the easy spring action.

Single Item Shipping Weight: 1.4 lb

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